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Founded in 1958 ,Jiangxi Changda Sanji science & Technology Co., LTD is the base of production, teaching and scientific research for Nanchang University, is the grinder manufacturer appointed by engineering industry department. It is the export enterprise manufacturing mechanical and electrical products ratified by national economy trade committee and foreign trade economy cooperation department, it is the apecial manufacturer of metal cutting machine tool and panel board machinery equipment complex.

Main products is as following: series of BXQS18 (4、6、8foot) spindleless veneer lathe, series of 2M69 knife grinder (800-7500mm), series of 2MA69 knife grinder (heavy type), series of BXQ11 mechanical single-spindle veneer lathe, series of BXQ11 mechanical single-spindle veneer lathe, series of BXQ12 hydraulic single-spindle veneer lathe, series of BXQ16 hydraulic double-spindle veneer lathe, machinery equipment complex of plywood production line(3' x 6',4' x 6',4' x 8',4' x 10', 4' x 12') and its parts.

2M69 series knife grinder has gained prize for provincial high quality and been named “China Well Known Brand”,BXQS18 series spindleless veneer lathe has gained the second prize for the national science & technology improvement and been named “China famous product”. Products of this factory cover nationwide and sell well in over twenty countries or districts such as Russia,Japan, Germany, Korea, Canada, Australia, Indonesia ,Malaysia Philippines Vietnam and etc.

The works has gained good reputation by its steady quality, competitive price, obedient to contract and prompt service. It is one of “China Star Enterprise” and valued as “National High Reputation Enterprise”, “Abide by Contacts & Keep to Credit Enterprise”, “Special Credit Enterprise”.

  • jiangxi changda sanji science&technologyco,ltd
  • NO.3,HongQiao Road,ShangGao Science Industry Park,ShangGao County,JiangXi Province,China
  • 336400
  • 86-139-70512261
  • 86-0795-250569
  • ding (Marketing Manager)
  • 13970512261

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